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Our 1st class rustic lodge, is strategically built in the heart of our hunting area, approximately 200 miles north east of Edmonton.  We have all the amenities, including high speed internet, satellite T.V. etc. 

Our relaxing atmosphere, accommodating staff, and delicious home cooked meals are something you can look forward to, making you feel right at home the moment you arrive.

Lodge patio


Due to of the vast area that we hunt. We offer customized hunts arranged in remote areas utilizing spike camps. With hunters returning to the main lodge after a successful hunt.

The beauty of Northern Alberta has a unique quality all its own. You may have a chance to catch a glimpse at our amazing northern lights after dark or hear the howl of the timber wolves.

Rural Camp

Due to bear activity and long daylight hours this time of year, most hunting is done from late afternoon until dark.
The temperature is usually a comfortable daytime average of 50-70F. Night time temperature 40-50F.

Bedding, towels, and extra toiletries are all supplied. You simply need to bring your hunting gear, rifle, and personal items. We supply the rest.

To end your day, you can relax and enjoy a drink at our open bar, sharing the days hunting stories, in the warmth of our big central fireplace.  

Rural Camp

Basic Gear List

  • rifle/bow/ammunition
  • safety harness
  • flashlight/batteries/knife
  • fanny pack/or day pack
  • rain gear/light gloves
  • hunting boots/ knee high rubber boots
  • indoor slippers
  • GPS/compass
  • heavy socks/long underwear
  • changes of clothing
  • camera/film
  • medication if needed
  • cell phone